I feel I should write about something…

I don’t know what, but I have been away from this for a year, mainly because I just couldn’t remember my password. But for anyone who gives a shiny shite, I will come up with a new post very soon. After all, I put literally the least amount of effort I can into a post, so shouldn’t take to long! 

While I’m here, how much to innocent smoothies cost!! Crazy, and you get so little in them! I get more out of my second wank of the day than what in a bottle of innocent smoothie!


Slimming world is a cult 

So… everyone is aware what I think of fat people. Not all, but most moan about how bad their life is while shovelling burger and chips in their fat mouth. I have instagram, and daily people who are on a diet plan are posting pictures of their “healthy meals” and how good they are at sticking to the plan, but yet never seem to lose any weight. Partly because the meals they post are usually pictures of pizza or curry or cake, but they call it a “cheat day” every day seems to be a cheat day for those lumps, most of whom have a body like a dropped lasagna. So I decided to piss off a load of these people by showing off my own diet plan.